IEA Brexit Prize: CX win 3rd Place!

We're pleased to announce that we won the 3rd prize in the IEA's Brexit Prize!

Our entry, arguing that a post-EU Britain should put the Commonwealth and wider Anglosphere at the forefront of its trading plans, also came in second in the under 30s category.

You can find out more about the competition here but the premise for submissions is as follows:

"A referendum has resulted in an “Out” vote and Her Majesty’s Government has triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. What measures does the UK need to take in the following two years, domestically (within the UK), vis-a-vis the remaining EU and internationally, in order to promote a free and prosperous economy?"

We will post a link to our submission when it is available as well as more information as it comes in.

UPDATE: Below are a few photos from Tuesday's awards ceremony including our Executive Director Tim Hewish accepting the prize from the Chairman of the judging panel, Lord Lawson. Photos are copyright IEA.

UPDATE 2: Our entry is now available online. You can read it here.