The Commonwealth turns 65: what next for the network?

18:30-20:30, 29th April 2014

Houses of Parliament, London


Commonwealth Exchange (CX) is delighted to announce our first High Commissioner panel event including:

  • The High Commissioner for Canada
  • The High Commissioner for Papua New Guinea
  • The Deputy High Commissioner for Kenya
  • The Minister & Head Political Affairs from the Nigerian High Commission
  • Lord Howell, UK Commonwealth Minister 2010-12

Taking place the day after the modern Commonwealth turns 65 years old, the event will ask what role the network can have in the 21st Century. Is it time for retirement or reform?

The panel will bring together viewpoints from around the Commonwealth giving their own unique perspectives on the network.

The intention is to highlight both the diversity and the commonality of the Commonwealth: all that we have in common and all that we can learn from each other.

There will be a guest list in operation and the venue will be sent to attendees ahead of the event. Please RSVP to