Flying the flags: The Commonwealth in your words

Thanks to all those who have already signed our petition to fly the flags in Parliament Square during the Commonwealth Games this summer. We've had signatures from all over the world and they keep coming. If you haven't already signed, then do so here!

However, what has been really great to see is not just the signatures but the messages that have accompanied them. You can read them all on the petition page but here is a quick visual representation of what the flags, and the Commonwealth more generally, means to you:

Naturally, some of the Commonwealth institutions such as HM the Queen and the Games featured quite heavily. It's also great to see a recognition of the history and heritage of the Commonwealth, the ideas of shared values and of being a family, and support for the Commonwealth continuing to have a role in the future.

To all those who have signed and left messages: Thank you and please tell your friends to do the same!

To those who haven't: Do so here!