New Petition: Fly the Commonwealth flags on Parliament Square during the Commonwealth Games

You can sign our petition through here. Please share far and wide for maximum impact. Thank you Commonwealth supporters.

The flags of every Commonwealth nation fly on Parliament Square each year during Commonwealth Day in the UK. Commonwealth Exchange (CX) believes that the flags should fly more frequently. 

Problem: This year the flags did not fly on the Square due to a potentially avoidable event.

Solution: We want to see this rectified with the UK Government Department responsible to agree to fly the flags on the Square for the duration of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games (23 July to 3 August 2014).

Thousands of Commonwealth tourists will visit the UK this summer and it would be a welcome sight to see their flags against the backdrop of the Mother of All Parliaments.

Andrew Rosindell MP has been a strong advocate through his chairmanship of the All Party Group (APPG) on Flags and Heraldry as well as his membership of the APPG on the Commonwealth. He has asked numerous questions to the Government about the Commonwealth flags herehere, and here.

How you can help: I urge people from all over the Commonwealth to sign this petition in order to show the UK Government that the Commonwealth matters to a great many people and this can be readily identified through the flying of national flags. It is visual, emotive, and offers a great sense of shared identity as equals.

This is a worthwhile and noble goal. With your help we look forward to the Commonwealth national flags flying on Parliament Square during the Games.

Thank you.

The Commonwealth Exchange team.