Partners, friends, and associates

Here are some of the organisations, businesses, and individuals that CX has worked with. If you think we could benefit from working together then don't hesitate to get in touch! Visit the contact us page to find out how.

Memorandums of Understanding


The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS)

The Royal Commonwealth Society was founded in 1868 and received its Royal Charter in 1882. Today, the RCS exists to provide a vibrant and valuable international network for its supporters all over the world, and continues to educate, inform and celebrate the modern Commonwealth. 

CX signed a memorandum of understanding with the RCS in April 2015 to build a stronger partnership and allow both parties the opportunity to work together on a forthcoming report on understanding Commonwealth education in young Britons.

Commonwealth Argosy

The Commonwealth Argosy is a concept created by a small group of dedicated entrepreneurs. Their vision is to create a unique, secure and professional environment to act as a catalyst for the fast growing trade potential which the Commonwealth, as a voluntary association of members with shared values and aspirations, inspires.

CX has a memorandum of understanding with Commonwealth Argosy and partnered with them to deliver our report on Commonwealth security connections.

Other Partnerships

The South African Chamber of Commerce (SACC)

The SA Chamber of Commerce is an umbrella organisation and conduit for trade, community and investment into and out of South Africa.

They are one of CX's oldest partners. We spoke at their Breakfast Indaba soon after our launch, welcomed one of their members to exhibit at our Parliamentary food festival, and partnered with them to deliver the first of our SME trade guides focusing on the South African market.

The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation (CFMO)

CFMO advocates for the citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to benefit from a freedom of movement initiative, advancing the ever growing cultural, historical, economical and political connections that we already share through our Commonwealth ties.

CFMO was inspired by the recommendation calling for bilateral mobility zones in CX's report "How to Solve a Problem Like a Visa." As part of their campaign they launched a petition calling for the zones to be implemented. It has so far received more the 70,000 signatures.

Businesses we've worked with

With our focus on trade, working with businesses is very important to CX. Here are just some of the businesses we have worked with so far:

The New Zealand Cellar

The Cellar has created the most diverse New Zealand wine platform of its kind in the UK, bringing together the best wines from the country’s finest vineyards.

We first worked with them when they exhibited at our Parliamentary food and drink festival in December 2014. We also became one of their founding supporters for their kickstarter campaign which has enabled them to open a retail space in London!

The Windsor and Eton Brewery

The Brewery's aim is to make Windsor famous again as a brewer of some of the finest and most talked about beers in the country. As part of this they have brewed three Commonwealth beers using ingredients from around the world.

We first worked with the Windsor and Eton Brewery to get their excellent Canberra beer served in the Houses of Parliament. We were then delighted to welcome them back to exhibit at our Parliamentary food and drink festival in 2014.

SA Wines Online

SA Wines Online was started in 2001 and has gone from strength to strength since then.  A small team of dedicated staff members in South Wimbledon are credited with keeping the company going.  They are passionate about our wines and the South African wine industry.

They exhibited at our Commonwealth Food and Drink Festival in Parliament and were also the wine supplier for the launch of our first SME trade guide looking at the South African market.

Government departments

CX aims to have a strong working relationship with all levels of government in order to further our aims and vision for a 21st Century Commonwealth. In particular we have worked with:

Department for Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS)

When the Commonwealth Games returned to the UK in 2014 we thought it was vital that this be celebrated at the heart of our democracy in London. With the help of our Advisory Board member Andrew Rosindell MP and a petition, we were able to secure agreement from DCMS to fly the flags along Horse Guards Road for the duration of the games!