CX Directors published in new IEA Monograph on Britain outside the EU

The Co-Founders and Directors of CX have contributed a chapter to the latest monograph published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). The volume is called "Brexit: Directions for Britain Outside the EU" and includes a number of options for the UK to pursue if it were to leave the EU.

The chapter in question, penned by Ralph Buckle and Tim Hewish, outlines a plan to reinvigorate trading links with Commonwealth and Anglosphere countries. The reasoning for this approach is also outlined in a post on the IEA blog here.

In the blogpost and the chapter, we argue that the UK's common language and legal system, the booming growth of the Commonwealth, the ease of doing business in many member states, and the prevalence of the internet, all make the Commonwealth the obvious starting point for the UK when seeking new international trading partners.

It builds on our award winning entry to the IEA's Brexit prize last year.

Download the book for free here.

Read the introductory blogpost here.

A promotional video is also available here.