New employment statistics show mixed picture for Commonwealth citizens seeking work in the UK

There was some welcome news for Commonwealth citizens in the ONS' latest employment statistics. The number of Australians and New Zealanders finding work jumped by 9% year on year in the last quarter of 2014. However this is still well below peak levels and only around half the increase seen in EU nationals finding work.

Figures for the same quarter in previous years show that the number of Australian and New Zealand nationals finding work in the UK is still down by over 7% from 5 years ago and down by over 15% since 2004.

The figures for South African nationals are even worse. They fell a further 1.7% year on year and are now 43% lower than they were in the same quarter of 2008, the year the country was removed from the Youth Mobility Visa.

The proposals from our report "How to solve a problem like a visa" would ensure that Commonwealth citizens wanting to work or study in the UK, and vice-versa, are able to do so. It's vital that they are adopted!

***Update*** TNT magazine report our findings and a quote from our Director here: "Crumbs of comfort as more Antipodeans find work in UK."