Introductory Trade Guides for SMEs

Our flagship trade guide will help introduce the potential of Commonwealth markets to British Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). They will be engaging, easy to read, and quickly digestible for busy business people.

No more than two pages in length these aggregations will be achieved through advancing links with native chambers of commerce & departments of industry. If you wish to help us in this endeavour please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

South Africa

Our first trade guide was on the South African market and is out now. This was produced in partnership with the South African Chambers of Commerce. It was launched at the Ellwood Atfield Galleries in Westminster. You can download a digital copy for free below.


Our second release was on the Kenyan market. We were delighted to be joined by the Kenya Coffee Shop of Romford who kindly gave out samples of top quality Kenyan coffee. We urge you to visit or check out their online shop -

The launch coincided with our keynote address from the British Chamber of Commerce's Director-Gerenal, John Longworth on the value of exporting to the Commonwealth markets.

A special thanks also goes to Quirk London who we have partnered previously during our keynote with the Commonwealth Minister at the FCO last year. Quirk supplied data on Kenya's impressive M-Pesa platform. You can find more about Quirk on their website -

You can download a digital copy of our Kenyan guide below from 29 June 2015.


Our latest guide looks at the Singaporean market. We were joined by the Rt Hon. John Spellar MP who is chair of the All Party. We also had Mike Ng from International Enterprise Singapore to highlight the opportunities for British exporters and those companies looking to have a base in the country. As with all these events we pair the guides with food or drink linked to the country in questions. That is why our offered our guests with our take on the Singapore Sling cocktail. You can see some photos below and download a free copy of our Singapore guide.

The Guides 2015

We will be launching other Commonwealth market guides throughout the year based on our template.