The Americas and the Caribbean news

1. Canada’s fur trade is booming again — thanks to demand from China’s new capitalists, National Post, Canada

The Chinese economic tiger’s appetite for furry Canadian critters has single-handedly revived an industry that, in the North American and European spheres, was left for road kill more than 20 years ago, done in by shifting consumer tastes and catchy animal rights slogans including, perhaps, the most famous of all: “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

2. Belize finds Black Gold, Amandala, Belize

The Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, and Public Utilities confirmed on Tuesday that oil has been found in Orange Walk by Maranco Energy Belize Limited, headed by Paul Marriott, a former director of Belize Natural Energy.

3. Region must focus on being more self-sufficient, Barbados Advocate, Barbados

Part of the challenge for most of the region’s economies going forward will be to how to go about restructuring their energy industry and heightening their food security

4. Canada’s Day, Canada’s era, National Post, Canada

Ed-op, Conrad Black: “Canada should lead the world in imposing some yardstick of currency value based on a combination of the prices of gold, oil, and a range of essential consumer goods.”

5. An Uphill Struggle, Antiga Observer, Antigua and Barbuda

The economies of the Eastern Caribbean continue to struggle from the global economic and financial crisis with 2012 being described as “a very challenging year”.