The Americas and the Caribbean news

1. Canada welcomes companies from Down Under, Canadian Business, Canada

Australian listings on TSX and TSXV have almost tripled in the last five years, and there are now 33 resource companies with a dual listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

2. Harper snubs Sri Lanka while sending delegation to hobnob in China, National Post, Canada

Mr. Harper stayed away from China during his early years as Prime Minister, citing its human rights record. He’s managed to get over that.  Chinese-Canadians may appreciate his change of mind. And Tamils in Canada — the largest Tamil community outside Sri Lanka — may appreciate his hard line towards the regime in Colombo. Both moves are good politics, and the Governor General’s trip is good business.  Pity about the duplicity.

3. Jamaica: growing to full broadband penetration, Jamaican Observer, Jamaica

Estimates show just eight per cent of the population are presently using high-speed Internet service, while studies suggest that for every 10 per cent increase in telecomunications and broadband penetration there is a 1.3 per cent boost to GDP

4. Belize asked the UN for help, Amandala, Belize

Belize Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Attorney General Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, raised the profile of illegal incursions by Guatemalans into Belizean territory. Elrington said “the forays” into Belizean territory are “an existential threat” which requires urgent resolution and action on the international front.

5. Quebec secession opens rift in Harper cabinet, Global and Mail, Canada

A split has emerged in the Harper government over a fundamental principle: the rules governing the potential breakup of Canada.