African and European News

1. Call for David Cameron to boycott Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka, The Guardian, UK Shadow foreign minister Douglas Alexander says UK should follow example of Canada in expressing human rights concerns.

2. Who killed the rabbit?, The Gazette, Botswana

Apparently there’s going to be an election next year. It is hard to tell though, with the absence of fanfare that usually accompanies a landmark event of this nature.  Where are the songs? Where is the rabbit that used signify that elections were coming and usher in another “democratically” elected government?

3. Ghana needs international trade commission, All Ghana News, Ghana

Chairman of the Tariff Advisory Board (TAB), has stressed the need for Ghana to have an International Trade Commission to assist it to conduct trade within the framework of the WTO.

4. What the country can learn from Tanzania, Daily Nation, Kenya

Tanzania’s minerals account for 5 per cent of the country’s source of wealth. In Kenya, it accounts for only 0.47 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). But this has not always been the case for the former. In 2010, the government of Tanzania undertook a review of the Mining Act with a view to setting a foundation for the country to reap much more from the sector.

5. Nigeria’s market potential is huge but challenging, Guardian News, Nigeria

An interview from Panasonic Marketing’s MD in Middle East and Africa: “To have a large market share in Nigeria, it is better we set up a factory in the country, but to do that, several things have to be addressed. Among them is the infrastructure deficit.”