News round-up from the Commonwealth 4th February 2014:

The Commonwealth:

1. Easing Australian visa restrictions to the UK has become a hot topic among Westminster MPs. The Australian
The problem with Visas is a longstanding issue within the United Kingdom. However, it is starting to gain some recognition from Westminster.

2. There is light at the end of the tunnel for UK Visa restrictions.
British MPs are pushing to make it easier for New Zealanders to enter the United Kingdom, while United States officials are looking to make it harder.

3. British MPs want more Aussies in the UK. SBS
There was an open parliamentary debate on Commonwealth Visas last week in London with signs suggesting that times are changing.

Asia and Pacific:

1. Despite a turbulent recent history, Dutch investors see Bangladesh as the future for investment. BD News 24

Described as the “land of opportunity”, the Commonwealth  country of Bangladesh is a hotspot for international investment

2. .New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard to lead abuse inquiry  BBC News

 Auckland born judge is set to lead the child abuse scandal in the UK. Her experience with a similar case in New Zealand has led her to the UK to over

3. Emotions run high in Indo-Pak World cup fixture. BD News 24

“Cricket is just a game, but try telling that to the 22 players who will walk out for the India v Pakistan World Cup match in Adelaide on Feb 15”

4. The skeleton of a victim from one of Australia's most famous shipwrecks - and the subsequent massacre - is unearthed by archaeologists.BBC News Australia

This discovery sheds new light on the 1629 ship which struck Morning Reef near Beacon Island.  It is a fascinating

5. Abbott’s knightmare-An Australia Day surprise backfires. The Economist

After promising to scrape “one or two barnacles off the ship”, Tony Abbott’s decision to award Prince Phillip with a Knighthood has come under some criticism.

Africa and Europe:

1.       New West African rail-link could revolutionise trade for Commonwealth Nations: African Renewal Online

Rail link cuts through commonwealth countries to encourage economic growth around West Africa

2.       Rhino’s return to Uganda could bring new life to Tourism: CNN

 “The animals, indigenous to the country, were completely wiped out by 1982. Now, thanks to the combined effort of several private and public bodies, they are making a comeback”

3.  Nigerian Elections could spell a new dawn for a country with a turbulent past: The Independent

Nigeria elections: Africa's powerhouse is beset on all sides. Can its forthcoming poll mark a return to stability?

 4.       $700 million insurance loan for the Kenyan Government BBC NEWS  

The Kenyan government requested the package as a precautionary measure, in case of an emergency such as a natural disaster or militant attack.

 5.       Namibia’s flourishing Film Industry: BBC WORLD

Multi-Million Dollar film companies are look to Namibia to play a starring role in some of their up and coming films.

Caribbean and Americas:

1.       Europe investing in social enterprise in Jamaica to develop ginger industry. Hospitality Jamaica

Individuals from around the world are visiting and investing in Jamaica’s new project to encourage trade in the Island.

2.       Bermuda start-up Trunomi named in FinTech50. Royal Gazette

Bermuda financial technology start-up Trunomi last night received a prestigious international accolade at a ceremony in London.

3.       Oil Inflation could have varied effects CBC News

The good, the bad and the ugly of Oil Inflation for the Canadian Economy

4.       Fee Increases Coming For Jamaica's Airports. Jamaica Gleener

 Fees are going up in leading Jamaican Airports. The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) has recommended an aggregate increase of 55 per cent in airport charges at Norman Manley International in Kingston.

5.       Internet controversy in Jamaica: Jamaica Gleener

 Technology Minister Phillip Paulwell is pouring cold water on yesterdays report which revealed continued low levels Internet in rural parts of the Island