Sarawak report launch - Lessons from the Commonwealth

We were delighted to launch the first in our Lessons of the Commonwealth series - Sarawak: A Malaysian Economic Story along with its author, Keith Boyfield.

During the evening Keith gave an interesting and balanced speech drawing from his experience gained through his two trips to Sarawak.

The Lessons seek to highlight the successes, the challenges, and what solutions can be exported to other Commonwealth nations to further promote prosperity, democracy, stability, the rule of law and the other myriad of values of our modern Commonwealth.

We were also honoured to have Dr Erik Jensen Former UN Under-Secretary-General and author of Where Hornbills Fly write the foreword to the report where he said:

"Sarawak is, like any country, unique, but the challenges faced following independence, the scope generated by the exploration of fossil fuels, the interdiction of commercial scale crops, problems of corruption, land rights and labour, are all familiar elsewhere. Commonwealth states in Africa and the Caribbean may find relevant the Sarawak experience."

You can download a copy of our report here or click the image across.