Our City AM article - Trade blocs are obsolete: Why the Commonwealth is Britain’s future

Last week our Chairman, Lord Howell. and Director, Tim Hewish, wrote a joint article in City AM (London's first free daily business newspaper) about the growing potential of Commonwealth trade in the coming decades for the UK.

This is against the backdrop of the UK Chancellor's recent visit to China and the Chinese President's State Visit this week. We argue that the UK is right to look to emerging economies for trade such as China; however, there are Commonwealth markets that the UK can also utilise.

Below is an extract from the piece. You can read the full article in City AM here.

India, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, and Nigeria are emerging economic players in an increasingly networked world. And in turn, they form the gateways to other rising markets and new trade routes taking shape. Some people believe that India could yet prove the winning tortoise to the Chinese hare. Either way, the UK would be foolish to miss out...

“Britain is correct to woo China early, but we should not put Britain’s future prosperity all on red. In personal investment, it is prudent to have a diverse portfolio, spread across numerous sectors. The same is true for a country’s trade and investment strategy. The modern Commonwealth is emerging as a key part of the new pattern.  With all of the Commonwealth’s advantages and underpinnings, acknowledging the importance of this 53-nation network is not just an opportunity for Britain, but a matter of survival.