"How to solve a problem like a visa" media updates

Today we released our new report in to Commonwealth visas and immigration. You can find out more here, download the report here, and download an infographic summary here.

We've also had quite a bit of media attention both in the UK and in Australia and New Zealand. Here's the pickup so far:



The Sunday Times: "Boris: Open up UK to migrants from Commonwealth" (£)

The Sun on Sunday: "Boris calls for ‘more migrants’ – but not from the EU" (£)

Buzzfeed: "12 Reasons To Support More Commonwealth Immigration"

ConservativeHome: "Ralph Buckle: We need more Commonwealth immigration"

BBC: "London mayor Boris Johnson backs UK migration report"

Daily Mail: "London mayor wants to make it easier for Aussies to live and work in Britain, proposing a 'bilateral mobility zone' agreement like the one between Australia and NZ"

Daily Express: "We need more Commonwealth citizens, says Boris Johnson"

The Guardian: "Angela Merkel warns David Cameron over freedom of movement"

"Osborne downplays row with Germany over EU freedom of movement"

The Times: "Brussels to offer compromise over its £1.7bn bill for Britain"

LBC: Our Director Ralph Buckle was interviewed about the report on Lisa Aziz's morning show

CityAM: "Boris Johnson welcomes report calling for more Commonwealth immigration"

Huffington Post: "Why We Should Allow Free Movement Between the UK and Australia"

The Voice: "Britain could benefit from Commonwealth immigration"

PoliticsHome: "Merkel 'rebuffs UK free movement demands'"

Management Today: "Boris Johnson wants immigrants - just not from Europe"

Breitbart UK: "Boris Johnson: Rebalance Immigration Away From EU, Towards 'English Speaking Peoples'"

TNT Magazine: "Making it easier for Aussies to stay in the UK - one step closer  Read more: Making it easier for Aussies to stay in the UK - one step closer"

Migrants' Rights Network: Thinktank calls for bilateral agreements on free movement rights for selected Commonwealth countries

PoliticsWeb: "Boris Johnson wants UK opened up to more Commonwealth migrants"


The Sydney Morning Herald: "Let Australians live and work in Britain: London mayor Boris Johnson backs migration report"

The Australian: "London Mayor Boris Johnson says Britain’s visa policy on Aussies bizarre"

Australian Associated Press: "Australians and New Zealanders should be free to live and work in UK, report says"

The Spectator: "Natural bedfellows"

ABC NewsRadio: Our Director and the report's author Tim Hewish was interviewed on the Evening Show with Laura Tchilinguirian

Sky News Australia: "New push for special Aussie access to UKNew push for special Aussie access to UK"

SBS News and Current Affairs Australia: Tim did a to camera interview - watch here.

SBS Australia: "London's Mayor seeks Aussie expats"

SBS Australia: "New push for Aussies to live and work in UK without restrictions"

The Australian: "Report urges UK visa freedom"

7News: "New push for special Aussie access to UK"

Australian Times: "Boris Johnson backs push for more Australians to live and work in the UK"

6PR Perth Tonight: Tim was interviewed for Perth Tonight with Chris Ilsley

Channel 7 Australia: Tim has filmed an interview for the evening news

International Business Times "London Mayor Backs Equal Rights for Australians and Kiwis in UK"

Nine News Australia interviewed Ralph for the national news bulletins

ABC Melbourne interviewed Tim for Breakfast with Red Symons

News.com.au: "London rolls out welcome mat to Aussies, with plans to make living and working in UK easier"


The New Zealand Herald: "Editorial: Boris' open door plan makes sense"

The New Zealand Herald: "Boris backs call for Kiwi freedom in UK"

The New Zealand Times: "Boris Johnson: Sparking a Renaissance for Commonwealth Mobility"

Radio New Zealand News: "New push for rights of Kiwis in Britain"

Stuff.co.nz: "Scepticism over free UK visas for Kiwis"

3 News New Zealand: "Push for special Kiwi status in UK, Canada"

"Key doubtful about 'Boris bilaterals' idea"

Nelson Mail & Stuff.co.nz: "London mayor backs free UK visas for Kiwis"

TVNZ: "New push for Kiwis to be given special status to live in UK"

TVNZ: "New UK Visa rules would ease Kiwis' pain - but John Key sceptical"

The Dominion Post: "London mayor backs free UK visas for Kiwis"

Radio New Zealand: Tim was interviewed on the Morning Report. Listen here.

Newstalk ZB: "Moves to make it easier for us to live, work in UK"

Newstalk ZB: "Immigration changes could prove too hot a topic for Britain"

Newstalk ZB: Ralph was interviewed for the Mike Hosking Breakfast with ASB. Listen here.

NZ News UK:  "Australians & New Zealanders should be free to live & work in UK"

The Timaru Herald: "Editorial: UK migration idea double-edged"

Kiwiblog: "Boris backs Kiwis to work in the UK"


Yahoo Canada: "Think-tank calls for free travel between Canada, other Commonwealth countries"