Great case studies of UK-Commonwealth trade

TradeA couple of great case studies of UK-Commonwealth trade were highlighted by UKTI last week. The first is of UK educational firm GEM expanding in to India after already building links with Australia, Singapore and the Maldives.

Their Director says that other nations “were interested in sending their students to the UK because it’s a stable environment, has a developed education system and of course English is an international language.”

On the decision to expand in to India, the case study points out that:

“Half of the country’s population of 1.2 billion is under the age of 25, it has close historical and cultural ties with the UK, there’s a high level of English spoken, a vibrant hospitality sector, and an appreciation of overseas training.”

In the opposite direction, the Canadian logistics firm CareGo has established a presence in the UK. Having decided to look abroad, CareGo’s President and CEO commented: “the UK, with its common language and cultural similarities seemed like a good place to start.”

Having now established a base, CareGo now “plans to use its UK experience to expand into India and South East Asia.”

Two great examples of the Commonwealth in action building links and promoting trade.