CX joins with the Royal Commonwealth Society

We are delighted to announce that from 1st December Commonwealth Exchange (CX) formally joined with the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS).

Please be assured that CX will continue its work and it will be business as normal with our in-depth research and reports as well as our well-attended events programme. We took the decision that CX joining the wider RCS family would allow us to better strengthen our message and secure greater leverage being part of a 150-year-old institution that is backed by Royal Charter.

Practically, it will mean that CX’s Executive Director, Tim Hewish, will join the RCS as its new Director of Policy and Research. He will carry forward CX’s work under the RCS’ long-standing and respected banner on our main themes such as trade, immigration, education, and security. We will also continue to have an online presence through social media.

More importantly, we wanted to take this opportunity to offer you a huge thanks for supporting us since our inception in 2013. In this time we have met some amazing and truly inspiring people from all over the Commonwealth – you are part of our story. The friends we have made will remain for life. Our lives are richer for this and we hope that we were able to return the favour through our work.

We believe firmly that the Commonwealth’s strength is its people and to this end we want to take you with us on the next step of our journey. As a CX supporter you will now be updated by the RCS on future reports and events. We warmly hope that you will continue the kind support that you gave CX towards the RCS.

This is not the end but a new chapter in our dreams and aspirations for a Commonwealth that has greater trading relations, freer movement of citizens, a better Commonwealth understanding for its young people, a stronger security architecture; and to bring the Commonwealth away from politics and towards the people.