Commonwealth beer hosted in Parliament

We were delighted to bring Canberra Ale to Parliament with the help of Windsor MP, Adam Afriyie and Windsor and Eton Brewery to celebrate the Commonwealth Games.

Will Calvert, Director of Windsor & Eton Brewery, tells the story of Canberra’s naming:

“We like the story that immediately after the Coronation in 1953 newsreel footage was immediately couriered to RAF Northolt and then by Canberra jet to Canada so that it could be shown “as live” on Canadian television. Of course it’s also got some Australian connotation. It is crafted using ingredients from around the Commonwealth: maple syrup from Canada and hops from Australia and New Zealand. We hope MPs love our chestnut-coloured hoppy beer .”

MP for Windsor, Adam Afriyie, congratulated Windsor & Eton Brewery as a growing local business:

“The Windsor and Eton Brewery is a welcome employer in Windsor and I’m delighted that they are selling their Canberra Ale in Parliament in November. On my recent visit to their brewery I was impressed by the dedication of the staff and the quality of their products. So I very much wish them continued success and was glad to play my small part in making it possible for MPs to sample the delights of Windsor in a glass!”

Mr. Afriyie is also a strong supporter of Commonwealth and its opportunities for trade:

“Canberra Ale is a great symbol of the strong partnership between the UK and other Commonwealth countries. I hope that in years to come, the UK will further strengthen its ties with the Commonwealth to boost our friendship and trade with these countries, who remain so important to our identity in the world.

“I must also say a huge thank you to Commonwealth Exchange, who have been enormously supportive. They are a fantastic organisation whose commitment to the potential of the Commonwealth is as vital as ever and I wish them success as they continue to emphasise the value of this strong family of nations.”

Tim Hewish, Executive Director of CX, said:

“We want to encourage British small businesses to export to the Commonwealth. We also want Britons to understand why the Commonwealth matters. We thought what better way than through a pint of ale! We approached Windsor & Eton Brewery because we believe its Commonwealth beers is part of this story. We were delighted to be able to work with them and Adam Afriyie MP to bring this about.”