Media pick up on Commonwealth immigration polling

This week saw the launch of our Royal Commonwealth Society commissioned polling across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK which showed overwhelming support for free movement between the four nations.

Headline figures show 70% of Australians, 75% of Canadians, 82% of New Zealanders, and 58% of Britons polled support free labour mobility.

The story received world wide media coverage both in print, online, radio, and TV. Highlights of which you can see below. More updates will be added throughout the week.

You can download a copy of our polling brief here.


The GuardianReciprocal living and working rights backed in UK, Australia, NZ and Canada

Daily MailGeorge Osborne's father-in-law Lord Howell backs the six in ten Britons who are happy allowing migration from the Commonwealth into UK


The Globe and MailCanadians support visa-free travel between some countries: poll

Global NewsCanadians want EU-style mobility between UK, Australia, New Zealand: poll


The AustralianPoll backs UK-Aust free mobility

ABC NewsAustralia, Canada, NZ and UK support EU-style free movement, new poll says Push for visa-free migration bloc in Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand

Daily Telegraph AustraliaPoll backs UK-Aust free mobility


New Zealand HeraldColonies want common rights

Stuff NZMassive support for visa-free 'migration bloc' between UK, NZ, Canada and Aus

Radio NZCommonwealth 'visa-free' idea popular